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Noshu Yasukuni Naginatanaoshi Style Wakizashi



 A naginatanaoshi style wakizashi, with ensuite iron tosogu. Ubu, zaimei, Noshu Ju Yasukuni.   Hawatare:  1 saku 2 sun 5 bu  2 rin ( 37.94 cm / 14.9375")  Motohaba:  3.25cm.  Kasane:  2.8  cm.  Chu suguba with a brilliant habuchi.  That it is Mino, means that it will be in ko-nie deki.  The jigane is stained over.   Yasukuni worked around Bunkyu (1861 - 1864), and often inscribed Kimi Banzai with his signature. 

The koshirae is period with the blade, and should be restored.  The saya can be restored, an excellent kaerizuno with silver and gold decoration.  Iron fuchi-kashira iron kojiri, horn kurikata.  Good iron dragon kozuka, with signed blade.  The tsuba is very black reflective iron, as difficult to photograph as polished shakudo, and it took sixty shots to get the one usable. 

The bad news is that this needs a polish.  The good news is that it is a vet pick up, likely only polished once, short and healthy, so polish will not cost an arm and a leg.  


\Bright habuchi revealed by the camera flash


\Noshu Ju Yasukuni




Fancy Kaerizuno



6.58 cm x 5.73 cm x 3.9 mm.




Dragon Kozuka


Saya Damage

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