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Nude by Alonzo Hauser


Recovered From Thief

A small signed lost wax nude by Minnesota artist Alonzo Hauser.  8.25" high.  This work was acquired by Walter Quirt in the late 1950's in a trade between two artists.

Alonzo Hauser (1909-1988) was one of Minnesota's most important and prolific sculptors.  He was responsible for the formation of the Art Department at Macalester College in 1945.  He taught at the Layton School of Art, Milwaukee, Carlton College and the University of Minnesota School of Architecture.   His work is represented at the Walker Art Center, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, and the Minnesota Historical Society, and in many galleries and collections throughout the country.     For a fulsome history and many works visit the Alonzo Hauser website at:

                                                                                  $ 400

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