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A koto ubu mumei sankaku Omiyari attributed to Kanebo Masatsugu.  Hawatare:  2 shaku 4 sun 1 bu  (73.028 cm / 28.75").  Gentle gunome notare in the lower part of the blade, becoming O-gunome notare toward the point.  Itame nagare jigane.  In polish, shirasaya, NTHK/NPO certificate, dating the work as Eiroku 1558 - 1570.

This is the work of the first generation Masatsugu,  who worked in Yamato tradition, around Koji (1555 - 1558).  He has a sharpness rating of Wazamono.  He is rated with a double circle in the Nihonto Meikan, page 909; rated chusaku in Fujishiro's Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen; both the first and second generation, who share the same rating in the Meikan, is rated at 3,000,000 yen in Toko Taikan.

Due to the dimensions of this item, my standard shipping charges to not apply.  The actual cost of shipping will be charged.                  $4,500. 


Broken off end of the nakago


Thanks to exceptional TLC by the postal people, this piece of the tang was broken off.  Don't ask me how or why, suffice it to say that it this happened. 

Yes, it can be repaired, and appear as good as new.  No, I don't repair things and sell them as mint.

So, this yari can now be purchased for $3,500 -- who'da thunk that this little piece of iron was worth $1,000?





Nihonto Meikan



Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen



Toko  Taikan


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