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Tanto Koshirae



A very nice and unfortunate Edo period koshirae.  Lovely lacquered saya in tact with the exception of missing the kaerizuno.  Polished lacquered same tsuka with Mino shakudo and gold menuki of flower baskets.  Black horn fuchi-kashira and koiguchi.  White horn tsuba.  Gold and silver fittings in the boar's eye at the end of the saya.  Excellent sageo.  Patterned doe skin lining the pocket for the kozuka.  This mount was for a very small tanto, with a shallow sori.  Nagasa: 18.5 cm.  Motohaba 1.68 cm. Kasane: 4.5 mm.  Everything is intact, with the exception that someone in the past, I will refrain from expressing my opinion of them, glued eighteen gilt scallop shells on the saya and tsuka.  This koshirae is well worth saving, and were it mine, I would make every effort to do so.  However, it belongs to a friend, who wants it to go away.  A project worth undertaking, cryptically speaking.  $650.



Very close to actual size

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