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Samenori Aiguchi



A late shinto mumei yoroidoshi in stunning samenori aiguchi koshirae. Hawatare: 6 sun 9 bu 3 rin (21 cm / 8.268").  Motohaba: 2.3 cm.  Kasane: 6.8 mm. The hamon is a gunome notare midare, nijuba, koichigaiba, ashi iri, hotsure, kinsuji, nado.  Itame hada tatsu with masame toward the mune. 

The koshirae is a wonderful ribbed samenori saya and tsuka with shinchu kashira and kojiri, decorated with random patterns and kiri mon.  The kozuka is shakudo and shinchu bamboo stalk.  The split chopsticks are sliver and shakudo in a bamboo pattern. The habaki is high quality textured silver foil.

This has one of the worst excuses for a polish that I have come across in a long while.  That isn't muneyaki in the first blade picture, that is some chemical used to dummy up a polish.   The hamon is very difficult to see due to the very poor polish that was given to this blade, however there is a great deal going on, but it requires a polish to bring it out.  Fortunately, the polish was not destructive, so a new polish should not be a problem.  

To those who had previously visited this site, my apologies for the error in pricing.  In my rush to get this posted, I just hit an incorrect key and didn't catch it.   This is now the correct price.                                                    


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