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Samurai Armor



In truth, this was sold some years ago, but in cleaning out my files, I discovered this page with a dozen pictures, which I have edited down to two.  Nice eye candy, so I decided to put it back up on the site for a bit. 

A complete and very attractive yoroi with armor box.  Before I go further, I must confess that I know less about armor than I do about quantum physics (I was a liberal arts major), but I shall attempt to describe things as best I can.

The unsigned suji kabuto (see I do know some words) is a lacquered sixteen plate construction.  The helmet is typical of the kabuto commonly produced by smiths of the Haruta school during the later Muromachi period,  suji bachi made in the distinctive goshozan style, with the hachi elevating towards the rear of the helmet bowl.   I have been told, that kabuto with decoration in the wide front plate, are indicative of rank (note the fourth image).   I believe that  the maedate are of recent manufacture.   Large  fukigaeshi flange.   The  large o-sode, shoulder guards, are again typical of a those that were still used on the armors of higher ranking warriors during the late Muromachi.  A beautiful example of a hon kozane ni-mai do (two panel body armor) assembled from thousands of small a scales in the style typical of an early period armor.  A superb matched sangu (sleeve) set, multi-colored lacquer and metal fittings. 

It is my belief that this is a Muromachi suit that was  refurbished, replacing old lace, cloth, and some small decorative pieces.

Shipping included.                                                                                                                                                                                



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