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Shigehiro Tanto



Tanto signed nijimei, Shigehiro.  Hirazukure, iroi mune, ubu nakago.  Hawatare:  6 sun 9 bu 2 rin (20.96 cm / 8.25").  Motohaba: 2.61 cm. Kasane:  5.4 cm.  Tempered in fine konie, the lower third of the blade tempered in even gunome with fairly pronounced valleys,  becoming hiro suguba, with a gradual notare moving toward the point, ending in komaru with a slightly extended kaeri.  The sparkling, moist jigane is a tight itame covered in fine konie.  In fresh polish, mounted in shirasaya with a silver habaki. 

The Shige kanji is a variant, ref.  Koop and Inada, Japanese Names and How to Read Them,

Shigehiro was a smith working in Mutsu around Keio (April 1865 - September 1868).  Ref.  Nihonto Meikan page 418.  This has not gone to shinsa.      $1,650



Itame and Nie

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