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Sakai Ikkansai Shigemasa



A  gendai tanto attributed to Mukansa smith Sakai Ikkansai Shigemasa.  Hirazukure, iroi mune.  Hawatare 8 sun 4 bu 5 rin (26.5 cm / 10.43")  Motohaba:  2.78 cm. Kasane: 5.8 mm. Itame hada, gunome komidare in nioi.  Shirasaya with papers.

Saki Ikkanshi Shigemasa was born in Meiji san ju nana (1904).  He studied under Kasama Shigetsugu.   There are numerous daimei Shigetsugu/Shigemasa, and Shigemasa was the heir to the school of Kasama Shigetsugu.  He produced many swords prewar and wartime.  He was considered to exhibit the highest level of craftsmanship.  He also worked at the Yasukuni forge, according to the Tokyo Kindai Tosho.  He accompanied Yasuhiro when he moved to the Okura Tanrensho Dojo in 1936. 

He eventually became a Mukansha swordsmith, and teacher at the present day Ikkansai Shigehisa.  He was commissioned to make a scared treasure ken for the Ise Shrine.  He was still winning sword making contests in his old age. 

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