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Shinshinto Aiguchi



An attractive mumei nineteenth century aiguchi with silver mounts.  Hirazukure, iroi mune, uchizori, sunobi length.  Hawatare: 7 sun (21.2 cm 8.35"). Motohaba 2.27 cm. Kasane: 5.6 mm. Gunome, slightly togare, in a four, three, one pattern on both sides, tempered in ko nie.  The boshi is ko maru with a longish kaeri. The jigane is itame nagare.  This blade should easily polish, at small expense. 

The saya is black lacquer textured with a diamond pattern, and in excellent condition. The two small round spots are reflections of water dripping off my roof.  The tsuka is carved black lacquer.  The fittings are plain silver.  The kashira is missing, but something that is fairly easily replaced with either silver or black horn.  Ideal for the new collector, martial artist, or for resale.                                                                                            

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