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Shodai Yasumitsu & Koshirae



A beautifully mounted, signed and dated wakizashi by the first generation Bizen Yasumitsu.  Signed, Bi(zen) Osafune Yasumitsu / O(ei) nijuni nen ni gatsu hi (a day in February 1415).  Shinogizukure, chu kissaki, iroi mune, bo hi, udu nakago, two mekugiana.  The hada is itame slightly nagare.  The hamon is a gunome midare with choji, tobiyaki, kinsuji, nado, which bespeaks of the quality of the blade, which is unfortunately saiba.  So all the activity is at the habuchi, and there is nothing going on in the ha itself.   Somewhere in its history the blade was burned, but perhaps because of the importance of the smith, was retempered.   This is better than the slap-dash retemper that are so frequently seen.  I believe that this was done to preserve the blade.  The shodai Yasumitsu is rated Josaku in Fujishiro's Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen; valued at 8,500,000 yen in Tokuno's Toko Taikan,  Double circle in Nihonto Meikan;  pictured in Nihonto Zuikan;  pictured in Yumei Koto Taikan.  Fresh Japanese polish, shirasaya, niju gold foil habaki. 

The koshirae are certainly an indication of what the owner thought of the sword.  A wonderful tooled Spanish leather saya; polished leather tsukamaki; ensuite polished shakudo fuchi-kashira and kojiri; early kiri mon menuki; and excellent same.  The kurikata and koiguchi are polished horn.  It is a shame that the kozuka and umebari are missing, and likely never left Japan.     An eye catching bit of history.      

Activity At The Habuchi


Telltale Mizukage


Bi(zen) Osafune Yasumitsu       O(ei) nijuni nen ni gatsu hi





Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen



Toko Taikan


Yumei Koto Taikan  


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