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Rare Muromachi Socket Naginata



An extremely rare koto Chikushi naginata from Kyushu.   Hawatare 1 shaku 3 sun 9 bu (42.1 cm / 16.6")  Motohaba:  3.1 cm. Kasane: 9 mm.  Sori: 2.2 cm.  Sakizori.  konie deki ko notare ko midare, kinsuji, nado.  Itame with a slightly rough appearance.  There is a ware, like a crows beak in the point on one side, but it certainly didn't cause the blade to fail in the past 600 years. In polish, shirasaya, NBTHK kanteisho dated Showa yon ju nana yon gatsu kyu hi (April 9, 1969).  In polish and shirasaya, early NBTHK Kicho ninteisho dated April 9,  1972.     $2,500

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Long chikei                 


NBTHK Ninteisho

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