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Sukeshige Wakizashi


A mounted wakizashi signed Bizen Kuni Sukeshige. The style of cutting the mei is consistent with Muromachi signatures.   Hirazukure iroi mune, slight sori.   Hawatare: 1 shaku 2 sun 5 bu 7 rin  (38,1 cm or 15").  Motohaba: 3.05 cm.    Kasane: 5.8  mm. Gunome midare hamon in nioi.  Rough itame hada,  This blade has not been submitted to shinsa, but in my opinion it would be rejected as a saiba. 

The tsuka is wrapped in green ito, a shakudo and gold fuchi with triple tomoe on a nanako background.  The kashira is horn, and the menuki shakudo and with gold highlights of Hotai.  The smaller mokugata tsuba has a bird on a post, and a turtle half submerged.  The elongated kozuka ana would argue for earlier Edo.  The tsuba was clearly altered for mounting on this wakizashi.    The saya is pine needles in clear lacquer over a black undercoat.     $1,250




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