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Takahashi  Hidetsugu



CONSIGNED ITEMS:  College tuition forced the reduction of  less than cost on three pieces.  No further discounts, no counter offers considered.  

Ubu zaimei long gendai yoroidoshi, signed Takahashi Hidetsugu.  Hawatare 8 sun 9 bu  (26.97cm / 10.62").  Hamachi: 2.16.  Kasane: 8.66 mm.  Chusuguba komidare, thick rich habuchi,  konie, small kinsuji, nado.  The jigane is a strong masame with   some chikei, nado.   Mounted in leather covered shirasaya to be carried by a pilot.  New polish with NBTHK Hozon kanteisho.

Hidetsugu is an Osaka smith, of the Gassan school, a student of Gassan Sadakatsu.  In 1941 he won jojosaku in a sword competition. Nihonto Meikan, page 1270.                            


Takahashi Hidetsugu.

NBTHK Hozon Kanteisho



Nihonto Meikan

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