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Tanto Koshirae



A stunning tanto koshirae with first class Yokoya and Hamano Nara metal work.  The silver Yokoya tosogu, school of Somin,  are en suite well carved shishi.  The saya is a Chinese red lacquer over gold leaf, with a horn kurikata.  The minogami gold menuki are unsigned, and have traces of kinsabe (gold rust), an indication of high carte Japanese gold.   However, I do not know if they may be solid gold, or a heavy plating.   The shibuichi kozuka is a wonderfully carved and inlaid samurai looking at his reflection is a stream, is signed nijimei Shozui.  This appears to be the work of the first master of the Hamano Nara school.  Ref. Wakayama,  Toso Kodogu Meiji Taisei, Vol. I,  pages 145 - 155.  The kogatana is inscribed with seventeen kanji.  This is a piece for a serious collector of koshirae and tosogu.   Tsunagi picture and dimensions below.                                                                                                   $2,950



Hawatare:  26.6 cm.  Motohaba:  2.72 cm.  Kasane:  5.2 mm.






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