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Uda Hirakuni Tanto



An ubu, mumei, hirazukure tanto attributed to Uda Hirakuni.  Hawatare: 9 sun (27.27 cm / 10.737"). Motohaba: 2.36 cm.  Kasane: 5.3 mm.   Echigo province.  The hamon is notare midare in konie.  There is an area of doubling, kinsuji, nado.  The hada is a mokume nagare with masame along the ha and shinogi.  The hada had has a rough appearance, there are chikei, nado.  Mounted in shirasaya with a good red copper habaki with nekogaki. 

There are four generations listed in the Meikan:   Eikyo (1429-1441); Meio (1492-1501);   Bunki (1501-1504); Tenmon (1532-1555);  and Tensho (1573-1592).   The best of whom is listed with a double circle, Meio (1492-1501).  Another smith is pictured in Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen, Bunki (1501-1504), as Chujosaku.  Toko Taikan  rates the first two generations as 4,000,000 yen;  3,500,000 yen; and the fourth 3,000,000 yen.  Without acknowledging the Bunki smith, as the third generation, and neither he nor Tensho smith are rated.   

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