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Umetada Tsuba



A classic Umetada kinko tsuba of grape leaves and vines in multiple honzogan.  6.7 cm x 6.38 cm x 3.3 mm.  Two missing shakudo and one missing gold wire on the face, three missing silver wires on reverse.  NBTHK Hozon kanteisho.  

The Umetada school's greatest master was Umetada Myoju, 1558 - 1631, and he is noted for having developed this style of inlay.  He was the retainer to Ashikaga Yoshiaki and later Toyotomi Hideyoshi.  There was competition among his descendants and disciples and because no eminent craftsman appeared, their work gradually became controlled by the tastes of the times, and in the end produced work like the Shoami                              

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