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Umetada Shigeyoshi Tsuba



A signed tsuba signed Umetada Shigeyoshi.  The round plate is beveled, characteristic of Umetada school works, with a shakudo and gold peony on either side of the central opening.  The shakudo is excellent color, with masterful carving of the petals.   7.8 cm x 7.67 x 5.3 mm.  Umetada Shigeyoshi were a line of artists  working from 1625 thru the middle 19th century.  The latter smith signed with a cherry blossom, so we can eliminate him.  Ref. Haynes H 08572.0 thru H 08578.0.  Wakayama devotes three pages in his Toso Kodogu Meiji Taisei Vol. II, pages 9 - 11.  Although there is no title in this signature, to my eye, the signature most resembles the hand of Shichizaemon, bottom right illustration on the middle page of Wakayama.   Shichizaemon and Tachibana were titles shared by artists working in 1625 and 1725.  Over sized custom pedestal box.  NBTHK kanteisho. 

Now, having spoken with Robert Haynes, the picture is clearer, in a more muddled way.   He said that there are between twelve and fifteen Umetada Shigeyoshi, and that the Japanese have never bothered to sort them out when there is no tile or date.  He said that he also believes that Umetada Myoju may have also signed as Shigeyoshi.  He also commented that this was a very nice example.  $2,800



Toso Kodogu Meiji Taisei, Vol. II, pages 9 - 11


  NBTHK Kanteisho

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