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Bizen Yasumitsu Wakizashi


An early Muromachi wakizashi  signed, Bishu Osafune Yasu /(mitsu).   Hiraizukure, iroi mune.  The crisp horimono is futatsubi  & bonji (?),  ken &  bonji (possibly kangeyasha myoo).  o-suriage nakago, two mekugiana.  Hawatare 1 shaku 0 sun 5 bu (31.817 cm / 12.526")  motohaba:  2.88 cm.  Kasane:  7.75 mm. The hada is itame slightly nagare.  The hamon is a gunomemidare in nioideki.  Strong midare utsure.    The shodai Yasumitsu is rated Josaku in Fujishiro's Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen; valued at 8,500,000 yen  in Tokuno's Toko Taikan,  Double circle in Nihonto Meikan;  pictured in Nihonto ZuikanYumei Koto Taikan, Osafune Choshi (Machifubito)    Fresh Japanese polish, shirasaya, habaki appears to be solid gold.   NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon kanteisho.


Correction:  What I had thought were small ware  are martinsite, that show black at on angle and silver at another.

The tsuka has excellent bright white same with large nodules.  The fuchi is shakudo with fine, even, nanako.  The kashira is horn.  While it is impossible to properly evaluate the menuki under the wrap, they appear to be solid gold chrysanthemums. The small moku hamadashi tsuba is gilt shinchu.  The  one piece habaki appears to be solid gold. The black lacquer saya has a pocket for a missing kozuka, and a kaerizuno. 

Unfortunately, the NBTHK doesn't share much information, other than genuine.  The workmanship and the signatures of the first and second generations are very similar, and the condition of the nakago makes a definitive call difficult.  However, the angle of the top stroke of the hito radical in Bi(shu) fits with the shodai, as well aas the superior horimono argues for the first generation.   Where the nakago ubu, and signature clearer, I think this would be a candidate for juyo.  $15,500

The tsuba


Compare With Shodai Yasumitsu Illustrated in Osafune Choshi







                                                         Correction:  Not ware.  These are martinsite, that show black at on angle and silver at another.



Bishu Osafune Yasu / (mitsu)


Hito Radical in Bishu


Shodai                                                           Nidai     



Superior Large Nodule Same






Gold Chrysanthemum Menuki



Gold Habaki


NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Kanteisho    



Yumei Koto Taikan   -  First Generation



Osafune Choshi  -  First Generation



Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen   -  First Generation




Toko Taikan - Shodai 8,500,000 yen

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