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Narisada Wakizashi



$An ubu mumei wakizashi attributed to Echizen Hitachi Daijo Fujiwara Narisada  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, slight sakizori.  Hawatare:  1 Shaku 9 sun 2 bu  7 rin (58.4 cm / 23").  Motohaba:  3.04 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.902 cm.  Kasane: 7.67 mm.  Notare komidare konie deki, bright habuchi with one narrow spot on the omote in the monouchi.  Itame hada with jinie.   The blade is in good polish with the exception of a stain that can be seen in the first full length picture and a tin rust line along the edge as shown in the third blade picture.  His work is pictured in  Shinto Taikan page 603.  Rated  15 pts Hawley.

The early Edo koshirae is is that of a working bushi.   plain iron fuchi-kashira.  The kashira cut with five beveled panels.  Leather tsuka maki over stained small grained shark skin.  Iron menuki.  Moku iron tsuba, decorated with a single  kirimon on each side.  Mat black lacquer saya with iron fittings.  This early koshirae is as important, if not more so, than the blade itself.

Narisada was of the Shimosaka school  working around Ka'ei (1624 - 1644)   $3,650




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