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Wakizashi Signed Masamune


A hirazukure  wakizashi signed nijimei, Masamune.  Hawatare: 1 shaku 1 sun 3 bu 3 rin (40.4 cm / 15.91 inches)  Motohaba:  2.89 cm.    Kasane:  5.6 mm.  Gunome midare, saiba, with the hamon dropping off and reappearing toward the machi.  There is defined and undefined shiraki, not to be mistaken for utsure.    The itame mixed jigane has straightened toward masa, and the are some ware present as shown.  Recent polish. 

The well made saya is modern.  The tsuka is black tsuka ito over white same, brass samurai menuki, and a married fuchi-kashira of dragons.  Silver katakiribori kashira, and a shibuichi nanako fuchi with gilt dragon.  The well patinaed Edo period tsuba has four boar eye sukashi, and Amida yasuri.  Good quality purple sageo. 

Although there were a number of smiths who had taken the name Masamune, this is likely a gimei of Soshu Goronyudo Masamune.  The blade has been retempered, so is a great decorator, or something for a martial artist.    $1,500

Nijimei Masamune


Edo Period Tsuba


Tsuka with Dragon Fuchi-Kashira

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