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Awataguchi Kuniyasu

Juyo Token


Yamashiro Awataguchi Kuniyasu, o-suriage, mumei, hawatari 74.6 cm, sori 1.9 cm.  Early Kamakura.  The jigane has a bluish color and is forged in fine ko-itame slightly nagare in areas with profuse ko-nie.  The description in Juyo Token Nado Zufu specifically comments on how beautiful the jigane is. The hamon is ko-gunome ko-notare in nie deki.  There are kinsuji and inazuma.  This is the first sword illustrated in Juyo Token Nado Zufu #48.

Awataguchi swords are noted as being the most elegant of all Japanese swords.  Kuniyasu was one of  six brothers, the third son of  Kuniiye, the second of  the line of  Awataguchi smiths. One of the Go Ban Kaji, he was the fourth smith in the first of three groups to instruct the Emperor Gotoba.  He served for the month of April in an unspecified year, but likely in 1220.

Generally, there are relatively few tachi while tanto are most common in Awataguchi.  However, tanto by Kuniyasu are extremely rare.



Oshigata of Awataguchi Kuniyasu.

Elegant sugata


Ko Itame slightly nagare ji packed with nie.