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Masakata Daisho Tsuba



An excellent example of the work  of Masakata.  Signed, Edo Kanda Ju /Ito Jin'emon Masakata.  Dai: 7.415 cm x 7.071 x 3.96 mm Sho: 7.168 cm x 6.847 cm x 3.93 mm   Very crisp carving.  Some small gold and silver highlights.  Wonderful condition.  The  box is not the standard soft wood.

Masakata was the second generation of the Ito school.  He started signing Masakata around 1750.  Some believe that he was the son of Masatsune H. 04737.0.  Ref.  Haynes,  The Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated ArtistsVol. II.. H 04068.0

I have seen many versions of this leaf pattern, but none so masterfully done.                                     

Ito Jin'emon Masakata              Edo Kanda Ju


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