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Goto Senjo Tsuba



A shakudo nanako tsuba by Goto Senjo.  7.73 cm x 7.12 x 5.1 at the mimi.  Fine shakudo nanako ground on a shakudo plate with an elaborate gold mimi of dragons in waves, carved  all around.  The hitsuana are gilt nanako.  The gold content of the shakudo, and carat of the gold mimi seems be a little low, however the work is stunning.   Slight seppa wear on the seppadai.  Ref.  Haynes H08133.0 and Wakayama Toso Kodogu Meiji Taisei, Vol. II, page 182.

Goto Senjo 1623 - 1694, was the fourth son of Goto Kenjo, the seventh mainline Goto master, 1586 - 1663.                                



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