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Higo Kamiyoshi Tsuba



Two large Higo Kamiyoshi tsuba.   Comparing the two,  the willow tree and chidori is the finer of tsuba.  8.22 cm x 7.86 cm x 4.7 mm.  The metal is more dense and there are tekotsu in the mimi as well as granular tekotsu on the face.  The mimi is slightly rounded. The chrysanthemum sukashi  8.18 cm x 8.09 cm x 3.9 mm. is designed on a flat plate, lacking the soft curve of the other.  Good granular tekotsu on the face.  Both are classic Kamiyoshi designs. 

The problem: some hobbyist restorer, refinished them, and they are an unnatural brown.  So they need to be properly refinished.  They can be farmed out to a couple people who do this work for not a great deal of money, or it can be done at home with a spray bottle of distilled water, a piece of horn, some leather, and a place to hang them in the sunlight. 

I have them priced to make them interesting even with their shortcomings.  If they do not get sold in a reasonable time frame, I'll farm them out and have them properly colored. 

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