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Katchushi Tsuba


It seems to be the season for tight times hitting collectors, so yet another item is to be distressed out.  $2,800

A large Muromachi Katchushi tsuba.  Sukashi on the right side is a Buddhists priest's staff,  no idea about the left hand sukashi.  .  9.424 cm x 9.472 cm x 5.64 mm at the mimi.  Estimate: the mimi is 1+ mm above the plate on either side, so the plate should be about 3.5 mm.   Good condition and color, granular tekotsu.  The store or collectors note on the box, note:  Masterpiece Muromachi period.    Comparing with Sasano Sensei's examples, this fits with the 15th century.   However, the wider mimi harkens back to the work in Nambokucho.    16th century examples, tend to be higher than they are wide.  $4,500


Granular Tekotsu





                                                                                                                                                            Masterpiece Muromachi period









Embun (1356 - 1361) Ko Katchushi


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