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 Goto Mitsushige Fuchi-Kashira

KO 019

A fuchi-kashira set by Goto Seiju (Mitsushige) fine nanako with gold, shakudo, and silver books.    Very high quality work, but I could not find a reference to this signature.  As per Robert Haynes, this is Goto Seijo (Mitsunaga), first generation of this line. External dimensions.  Fuchi: 3.63 cm x 2.12 cm x 1.13 cm Kashira: 3.3 cm x 1.62 cm.   Ref.  Haynes H 8067.0.  1609 - 1688..  An excellent set in a custom fitted box.                   $1,600


KO 006

Goto Mitsushige

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