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Ko Katchushi Mushroom Tsuba




An early Ko Katchushi tsuba with fluid mushroom pattern in sukashi. The kozuka ana is an elongated oval.  Granular tekotsu on the web and mimi, and some lineal tekotsu in the mimi.  There is a kirikomi (sword cut) at one o'clock on the obverse.  8.41 cm x 8.46 cm x 5.2 mm to 5.8 mm.  The shape and width of the rim, as well as the shape of the hitsuana, argue for earlier Muromachi.  That it is slightly wider than high, might suggest middle Muromachi.  According to Robert Haynes, 1450 to 1500.  He kept emphasizing that it a very nice example, praise that I seldom hear from him.  

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