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Ko Kinko Gold Tsuba



A large unusual gilt copper ko-kinko tsuba with an iron mimi,   8.85 cm x 8.396 cm x 4.24 mm.  The gilt copper is decorated with oak leaves in takabori.   As per Robert Haynes, 'I have never seen anything like this.  I have no idea who made it'.   This is the sort of glitz found in the Momoyama period  (1573 - 1615), and that was Haynes's first thought.  

Although earlier gilt examples are abundant: the Kinkakuji 1408, and lacquer boxes, this over the top presentation better fits the Momoyama period.    From a private collection, and  never submitted to shinsa.                                           


Kinkakuji circa 1408

Momoyama Lacquer


File:Tebako (cosmetic box), Muromachi period, 16th century, scattered chrystanthemum crests in maki-e lacquer - Tokyo National Museum - DSC05117.JPG

                                                      Muromachi Lacquer                                                  

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