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Masamichi Fuchi-Kashira

KO 025

A shibuichi fuchi-kashira of Chinese ducks in shakudo and gold takazogan, signed Masamichi [kao].  Haynes lists two artist who signed this way H 04172.0, whose referenced example reads, Sanjin gasaku (a retired man made in jest), working around 1800;  and H 04171.A, an Ishigoro artist, working around 1825-1850.  This artists kakihan is very similar to this example. A possible variation?  Or yet another Masamichi who is unrecorded.     NTHK kanteisho that says pretty much what you see at a glance, no school, no date.  I don't mean to criticize, but when the base metal is shibuichi, and the ducks are shakudo, takabori () seems like an inappropriate description of workmanship.  I would have favored takazogan.  Nonetheless, a very nice set, in fine condition.  Boxed.                                                               $450


                   Ishigoro  Masamichi             This example                              

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