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Toshimasa Fuchi-Kashira

KO 005



A large powerful fuchi-kashira signed sanjimei, Toshimasa tsukuru. Deep black shakudo masterfully decorated in multiple metals.   Ref. Haynes H 10412.0 & H 10413.0.  Wakayama Toso Kodogu Meiji Taisei, Vol. I, pages 93 & 94.    NBTHK green papers from 1974. 

There were two generation of  Egawa Toshimasa. Their work is almost impossible to distinguish from one and other, especially when signed Sorin or other names common to the both of them.  There are many fakes and forgeries of both generations, and many students produced work that signed their names.

The shodai was the adopted son of Katsuhira Eiju, and a student of the Ichiryu Tomoyoshi school, and Hirano Tomomichi.  He was a retainer to the Arima Daimyo at Edo.  He lived to be either 82 or 87, dying in1825.

The second genereation was the son of the first Egawa Toshimasa, and student of his father and of the Ichiryu school of Mito.   The style and quality of his work is very close to his father's,     Died in 1887.   



Toso Kodogu Meiji Taisei

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