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Ko Tosho Tsuba



An important and rare ubu Ko Tosho tsuba.  8.76 cm x 8,61 cm x 3.4 mm at the nakago ana tapering to x 2.8 mm and 1.5 mm.  at the mimi.  For the metricly challenged, like myself 3.45" x 3.39" x .13" &  .06". A well weathered plate, with good color, granular tekotsu.  Large sukashi of plum or snow flakes.  Speaking with Robert Haynes, his belief is that there were never spokes defining petals in many of these tsuba.  The dimensions, and the slenderness of the opening for the sword, place this in Nambokucho.  See the  Sasano Silver books, section on Ko Tosho.                                                      

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