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Kyoto Soten Style Tsuba


A Kyoto tsuba done in the style of Hikonobori.  Iron sukashi of a battle scene with multicolored inlay and nunome.  There is a textured gilt mimi.,  and shakudo sekigane  7.36 cm x 6.85 cm x 4.9 mm. 

During the early Edo period, Soten fittings were very popular, and much of the production was cornered by the Ii Daimyo, a favorite of the Tokugawa, who dictated that all of his 20,000 retainers wear Soten fittings.  That accounted for 40, 000 tsuba right there.  So, while it is nice to entertain romantic views of tsuba and tosogu, they were a commercial product.  So just as today's cars all tend to resemble each other, so too it was with tosogu.  Generally speaking, I have found that the Kyoto productions generally show greater detail and freedom of design than found in Soten.                                         $2,000


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