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Nobuyoshi Shishi Tsuba


A midle Edo tsuba signed sanjimei Nobuyoshi saku, and location on the right side of the seppadai which has been removed, and only the ju kanji is legible.   A shishi in iron takazogan on an rough ishime plate, craggy rocks and a leafed branch on the reverse.  7.26 cm X 6.87 cm  4.6 mm. He was from Dewa province.  Haynes, H 07276.0.  

From James McElhinney:

I doubt it's the same Nobuyosji, from Dewa, but another unlisted tsuba maker from Nagasaki (Kiyou)

Or perhaps the kanji have an alternate reading. If he signed Kiyou instead of Nagasaki, perhaps the kanji should be read in the Chinese manner.

The technique of raising the form from behind, seen on both sides, is an armorer technique.

I have seen Myochin and Miyata school (Saga) pieces made in this way. 



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