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Shikkake Naginatanaoshi - Juyo 46




A juyo naginatanaoshi wakizashi attributed to Shikkake.  Hawatare: 1 shaku 4 sun 8 bu (44.847256 cm or 17.6564 ").  Sori: 0.8 cm.  Moto haba 2.7 cm. Nakago: 14 cm.  Naginatanaoshi tsukure.  Mitsu mune.  Broad mihaba.  The jigane is itame with a general nagare.  There is thick ji nie and chikei are mixed in.  The hamon is suguba with ashi iri, the nioi is very deep, and there is thick nie.  There is ni ju ba and sunagashi.  There is yubashiri in the shinogiji and muneyaki is mixed in. 

In Japanese polish, shirasaya, and a solid gold niju habaki.  Sayagaki by Tanobe Michihiro of the NBTHK stating that this is is from the beginning of the  Nambokucho period ("jidai Nambokucho shoki"), and noting that it is Chinji, an especially precious treasure.

Ther Shikkake school was founded by Norihiro, but since there are no extant works, the first Norinaga is generally considered to be the first master of the school.  Norinaga is recorded to have first appeared in the Shoo era (1288 - 1293).  There were five consecutive generations of Norinaga working from late Kamakura to mid-Muromachi.  The fifth generation was active around Eitoku (1489 - 1492). 

Yamato Shikkake Norinaga is belived to have worked in Shikkake in Kishida, a small village in the Yamaabe kori district, but even the location of the smithy is subject to conjecture.