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Hizen or Shoami Tsuba



An unusual two piece tsuba with varying opinions.   The face deeply carved with most of the silver nunome worn off.  The back is a flat surface with silver nunome stylized leaves.   All the pieces are clearly refinded sand iron, and have a good deal of  tekotsu.  Measuring from 11 o'clock 7.131 cm, x 7.367 cm,  x 7.136 cm. The sukashi plate is also decorated with silver nunome,, and is perhaps one of two, although the nunome on the back appears to have some spaces to accommodate the plate.  Robert Haynes said that is the first time that he has seen this sort of things.

NBTHK kanteisho that does not show the sukashi plate, attributes the tsuba to Shoami.  Robert Haynes called it Hizen, likely Muromachi.  My feeling, for what little it i worth, is that Haynes is correct.                     $75




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