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Ume Tsuba


An early plum blossom sukashi tsuba.  7.38 cm x 7.34 x cm x  4.8 mm.  The hitsuana are extremely, and would seem best suited for umebari.   The treatment of the seppadai is something usually encountered in ko kinko examples from the Muromachi period.  That this is iron is very unusual.  Another feature is the intentional dishing out of the outside of petal, lower left on the face, and lower right on the obverse, as shown below.  The patina is good, although there seems to be a clear lacquer covering the entire plate.  An interesting, and likely an important, study piece.     2/10/16:  Robert Haynes, " I have absolutely no idea, I have never seen this before".  $650


Intentional dishing out of the outside of petal.

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