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Kaneuji originally worked in the Tegai style in Yamato province during the years 1313 - 1315,  his works from that time are referred to as Yamato Shizu.  At that time he used the Yamato Kane  .  He then studied with Goro Nyudo Masamune, after which he changed his signature to Kaneuji, using the Mino Kane He is thought by many to be the best of the Masamune Jutetsu, the ten students of Masamune.

This sword was featured in both the English and Japanese versions of the NBTHK journal, Token Bijitsu.  There is personalized sayagaki by Homma Junji Sensei as well as a letter in which he discusses this sword.                $52,500




In 1983 this sword was featured in both the English and Japanese editions of Token Bijitsu.


Above & Below: Details of Jigane


Details of Hamon


Yamato Kaneuji


Token Bijitsu Vol 18, Autumn 1983

Lively nie packed jigane



                                                                                                             Kinpun mei Yamato Kaneuji                    Honami Koson                     Sayagaki by Homma Junji Sensei