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Kinko Sukashi Tsuba



Circumstances have put this back on the market.  A large shinchu sukashi tsuba 8.12 cm. x 7.68 cm. x 4.1 mm.  Excellent condition.  The tegane would indicate that this is a Kamiyoshi school piece.  Purchased out of Germany some five years ago, with a compromised patina, so this was professionally recolored.   As per Robert Haynes, "A very strange tsuba, to say the least.  The Higo never did open work in brass.  A Higo design, by an Umetada smith.  The Umetada traveled all over, and copied everyone.  If there was an artist making a tsuba, there would be an Umetada and a Shoami standing there watching them".   "The tegane seem to be saying I want everyone to know I made this, but we don't know who that is."   Dates 1800 or a bit later.  $1,250



An Example of a Higo Rakuju signature  tegane.

Toso Kodogu Koza Vol. 7, page 258


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