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Iwata Norisuke Revival Tsuba


A wonderful mumei revival tsuba, that I believe to be the work of  Iwata  Norisuke.  An extremely dense plate, wonderfully molded metal, with profuse tekotsu.  7.492 cm x 7.382 cm x 4.58 mm.  My first impression was that this was a very old piece.  However, replacing my eye glasses, I realized that this was much younger than my first impression.

There were three generations of Iwata Norisuke.  The first generation (1781- 1852)  worked for the Tokugawa Daimyo in Owari province.  He was noted for copies of Nobuiye, Yamakichibei, and Yagyu, as well as fine works of hiss own.   The second generation (1817-1883, was famous for making copies and forgeries in the style of Yamakichibei, Nobuiye, Yagyu.    Ref.  Haynes  H 07387.0 & H 07398.0.  Toso Kodogu Meiji Taisei  Vol. III, pages 134 -141         $600



Toso Kodogu Meiji Taiseisei

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