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Kaga Tsuba


An unsigned Kaga shakudo sukashi tsuba of a drum, with honzogan gold decorations ferns and water.  7.2 cm x 6.58 cm x 6.475 mm.  Excellent condition.  In a custom fitted box, and a brocade box cover. NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Kanteisho.

The wealth and demand for tosogu by the Maeda drew many kinko artists to Kaga.  Goto Tokujo (5th master), and Kenjo (7th master) spent some of their careers working for the Maeda in Kaga.  Goto Teijo (1603 - 1673) the ninth main line Goto master, became the full time retainer to the Maeda family of Kaga.   His work and that of Goto Tokujo and Goto Kenjo are referred to as Kaga Goto.  There were three other schools, all founded by students of Goto Kenjo: the Kuwamura school, founded by Moriyoshi;  the Mizuno, founded by Yoshihide; the Ktsuki, founded by Morisada and Ujie.  Three more schools evolved from the Katsuki, the Keneko, Koichi, and Katsuo.  Because these artists were catering to the Maeda taste, their work is similar. 

Kaga kinko are rarely signed.                                                                                                                $2,750

Brocade Tsuba Box Cover


NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Kanteisho.

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