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    Tanaka Masatoshi  Keio Ni Tora-bo                        Yokoya                                                Yurakusai Sekibun                       Yurakusai Sekibun



October                                                  17 - Mumei Shinto                                              SOLD

October                                                  16 - Kanesada (兼貞) Wakizashi in Higo Koshirae

October                                                   6 - Emura Nagamitsu Tachi

October                                                   4 - Hizen Munetsugu Katana

September                                             29 - Echizen Sadatsugu Tanto & Koshirae      SOLD

September                                             25 - Etchu no Kami Masatoshi Wakizashi - Sandai

September                                             24 -  Daido Wakizashi - Shodai

                                                                    -  Etchu no Kami Kanekuni & Koshirae

September                                             18 -  Soshu Masahiro Katana

August                                                   15 - Four Discounted Tsuba:

                                                                     -  Tanaka

                                                                      -  Mito Shoami

                                                                     -  Kenjo

                                                                     -  Echizen Kinai       SOLD

July                                                        30 - Hawk & Chidori Tsuba

July                                                        25 - Kunisuke Wakizashi

July                                                        21 - Mumei Shinshinto Bizen Katana

July                                                        13 - Akasaka Tadashige Tsuba

June                                                       28 - Shinkai                             SOLD

June                                                       19 - Hosho Tanto & Koshirae       SOLD

                                                                     - Later Tachi With An Interesting Blade

June                                                        7 -Yasutsugu San Dai Echizen

June                                                        4 - Inoue Shinkai Wakizashi      SOLD

June                                                        3 - Izumi no Kami Kunisada - Shodai

May                                                       30 - Mutsu no Kami Tadayoshi Wakizashi

May                                                       19 - Daido katana & Koshirae

April                                                       6 - Jingo Chinese Bell Flowers   SOLD

April                                                       5  - Exceptional Myochin Sukashi Tsuba

March                                                   19 - Jingo Hawk & Monkey - Comments, Robert Haynes

                                                                     - Shakudo & Gold Fuchi-Kashira

March                                                   19 - Sendai  Futokoromono

March                                                   18 - Owari Sukashi Tansu Pulls Tsuba

March                                                   17 - Jingo Goose Tsuba

March                                                   16 - Ito Masakata Dai-Sho Tsuba

March                                                   15 - Jingo Hawk & Monkey Tsuba

March                                                     8 - Jingo Style Dragon Tsuba

March                                                     7 - Ko Katchushi - Muromachi

March                                                     6 - Kunitomo Teei Tsuba - SOLD

March                                                     3 - Nobukuni Relisted - Reduced Price

February                                               21 - Mumei Revival Tsuba (Norisuke)

February                                               19 - Mumei Sue Koto Katana

February                                                6 - Yukimitsu Katana Important additional information

February                                                1 - Koto Sukesada Katana   Hold     

January                                                  17 - Early Tiger and Bamboo Tsuba  SOLD

January                                                  16 - Bizen Shoami Tsuba

                                                                     - Shoami Boat and Waterwheel Tsuba

                                                                     - Choshu Tomonobu Tsuba

                                                                     - Choshu Masasada Tsuba

December 8                                             13 - Yagyu Munenami Tsuba    SOLD

November                                                25 - Mumei Wakizashi - Masame Hada

November                                                20 - Jingo Fern Tsuba Taken Off Hold

November                                                19 -  Kanetsune Wakizashi  SOLD

                                                                       -  Kanemasa Gunto

November                                                15 - Horii Nobuhide Tachi   SOLD

November                                                 13 - Yagyu Munenami Tsuba

November                                                 11-  Higo Storm Clouds Tsuba

November                                                  8 - Yukimitsu Katana

November                                                  3 - Umetada Kinko    SOLD

                                                                   SALE:  1. Yamato Yoshiyuki Katana

                                                                                 2.  Mumei Katana

                                                                                 3. Kiku Ichimonji Katana    SOLD

November                                                  1 -  Sukashi Crane Tsuba   SOLD

October                                                    31 -  Higo Sukashi Kiri

October                                                    29 -  Signed Fourth Generation Jingo Sukashi Tsuba

October                                                    28 - Jingo Fern Tsuba  

October                                                    18 - Kaga Kinko Tsuba    SOLD

October                                                    17 - Ono Sukashi Tsuba  sold

October                                                    11 - Wave Tsuba additional Information

October                                                    11 - Chikuzen Ryokai Tanto & Koshirae   HOLD

October                                                    10 - Nobukuni Katana                                   SOLD

                                                                                 - Chikuzen Ryokai Tanto & Koshirae  REDUCED

                                                                                 - Mumei Mino Tanto       SOLD

October                                                     7 - Jingo Tsuba - Nidai        SOLD

September                                                30 -  Kanetsune Wakizashi

September                                                29 -  Yurakusai Sekibun Tiger  Tsuba  SOLD

September                                                27 -  17th Cent, Martial Arts Grade  Katana

September                                                26 -  Nobuyoshi Wakizashi -                 SOLD

September                                                22 -  Gold Bird Menuki

September                                                20 -  Shinshinto Kumariotoshi Katana

September                                                 19 - Three Swords Reduced:

                                                                                 -  Narisada Wakizashi

                                                                                 - Sukesada Katana

                                                                                 - Sadatsugu Wakizashi  sold

September                                                 17 - Mito Shoami Chrysanthemum Tsuba

September                                                 16 - Four Swords Reduced:

                                                                                 -  Sandai Hisamichi Wakizashi - Suriage by Kunihide 

                                                                                 -  Aiguchi Signed, Nobukuni

                                                                                 - Tegai Kanesane Wakizashi & Koshirae  SOLD

                                                                                - Wakizashi in Soten Style Handachi Koshirae

September                                                 11 - Umetada Chrysanthemum Tsuba

September                                                   8 - Chikuzen Ryokai Tanto & Koshirae

September                                                   3 -  Jingo Distant Pines  Tsuba       SOLD 

                                                                                 -  Jingo Grass, Bag, Shell in Rain Tsuba   SOLD 

                                                                                 -  Omori Tomomitsu Dragon & Cloud  Tsuba  SOLD

September                                                   2 - Geese & Bamboo Sukashi Tsuba

August                                                       27 - Nobukuni Katana Ex-Mori Daimyo Collection

August                                                       25 - Omi no Kami Tsuguhira Katana   SOLD

August                                                       23  - Bizen Kiyomitsu Katana Eitoku Date  SOLD

August                                                       21  - Mumei Mino Tanto in Polish

August                                                       18  - Tiger & Bamboo Tsuba by Tetsutada

August                                                         2  - Wakizashi Attributed to Hoki no Kami Masayuki

August                                                         1  - Owari Michiyoshi Wakizashi

July                                                             27 - Higo Jingo man in Thunder Storm       SOLD

                                                                              - Higo Jingo  Chrysanthemum  SOLD

                                                                              - Higo Jingo Butterflies Tsuba

                                                                              - Higo Jingo Red Copper Hiden Dragon SOLD

 July                                                             11 - Higo Boat & Moon  REDUCED

July                                                             15 - Higo Tsuba With Gold Arabesque

                                                                         - Jingo Tsuba

July                                                             11 - Higo Tsuba

June                                                             28- Wakizashi in Koshirae    Hold

June                                                             26 - Edo Higo Kumagai Tsuba

                                                                                 - Gassan Chikanori Katana   Sold

June                                                             19 - Shigenobu Dai Sho

                                                                          - Yamakichibei Dai Sho

                                                                          - Shimizu Jingo     SOLD

June                                                              12 - Bizen Yoshimitsu HOLD

June                                                               8 - Bizen Yoshimitsu Tachi in Samurai Koshirae

June                                                               5 - Higo Sukashi

May                                                              31 - Aizu Motooki          SOLD

May                                                              23 - Shimada Sukemune Tanto        SOLD

                                                                           -  Hidetsugu Tanto  COLLEGE TUITION SALE

May                                                              21 -  Hitatsura Wakizashi         SOLD

May                                                              20 -  Mumei Shinshinto Katana

May                                                              14 - Certificate Added to Tosho Tsuba

May                                                                8 - Ko-Tosho Tsuba

May                                                                7 - Certificate Added to Heianjo Tsuba

May                                                                   - Yoshioka Inabanosuke Tsuba

April                                                             27 -  Akasaka

                                                                           -  Tosho

April                                                             27 -  Tsuba Page Revisesd


Let me introduce myself, my name is Andrew Quirt.  Some may know me from my tongue-in-cheek articles, as well as some of a more serious nature, that have appeared in various sword club publications. I have been collecting and dealing in Japanese swords and tosogu for the past fifty plus years.  I served on  he Board of the JSS/US for eight years; have been a member of the NBTHK for more than forty years; was the vice president  in charge of the Americas for the European section of the NBTHK for three years; and working with Robert Benson,  Paul Davidson, Mike Yamasaki, and others, and with the good will and efforts of Yamanaka San, Suzuki San, both of whom now deceased, and Tanobe Michihiro San of the NBTHK, was able to help form an American Branch of the NBTHK, (NBTHK-AB) in late 2002, which exists today as a non-commercial organization to promote the preservation, study, and appreciation of Japanese swords and their accoutrements. is an independent commercial site that is neither associated with, nor endorsed by, any of the organizations with which I am now or have been associated.


                                 Andrew Quirt & Gassan Sadatoshi - 42nd NBTHK Convention - Tokyo

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* Normal shipping through the post office and insurance are included in the price.

*Unfortunately, the costs of shipping have so increased, that I can no longer continue my policy of paying S & H. 

* Federal Express, DHL, UPS, EMS, etc. will incur extra shipping charges.                                                                                 

* Three day, no penalty, inspection on every item within the United States.   International shipments on a case by case basis.

* Returns must be in the same condition as shipped.

* Actual shipping costs will be charged on returned items.

* In the event that a returned item was paid for with a credit card or wire transfer, the actual processing fees will be charged.

* And, no, you do not have to offer a reason for return. If you simply did not like the item is reason enough.

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